Save My Thyroid

Functional Diagnostic Lab Testing with Reed Davis

February 07, 2023 Dr. Eric Osansky Episode 79
Save My Thyroid
Functional Diagnostic Lab Testing with Reed Davis
Show Notes

There’s an entire constellation of healing opportunities waiting to be addressed once we know where to look.

While conventional doctors are often hyper-focused on symptom treatment, functional medicine zooms in on treating the root causes of the symptoms we experience. Similarly, functional testing is about getting information on interconnected body systems that collectively contribute to our symptoms.

Over 20 years ago, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® founder Reed Davis worked in a lab, assessing patients’ test results. He was struck by how many people had been to practitioner after practitioner and had their symptoms dismissed because their lab results were “normal.” Deciding that there must be a better solution, Reed became an expert in analyzing alternative labs and created a system of investigation into the causal factors and healing opportunities, which are now an integral part of the protocols at Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®.

In this conversation, Reed and I take a deep dive into the different types of functional tests, his approach to testing, the pros and cons of each type, how various tests can be applied, and more. Enjoy the episode!

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