Save My Thyroid

Redefining Autoimmune Conditions and How To Address Them Naturally

March 28, 2023 Dr. Eric Osansky Episode 86
Save My Thyroid
Redefining Autoimmune Conditions and How To Address Them Naturally
Show Notes

Whether it’s Graves’, Hashimoto’s, or multiple sclerosis, when you have an autoimmune condition, your body suffers from chronic inflammation.

Our food supply has many inflammatory triggers, and everybody has a unique tolerance threshold regarding how many toxins they can manage while maintaining a healthy appearance. Once you pass that threshold, you enter into autoimmunity, and it takes a lot of sustained effort to bring yourself back below that threshold.

Today I’m joined by naturopath and author Elizabeth Yarnell to talk about her approach to anti-inflammatory strategies. Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999, Elizabeth Yarnell has been on a mission to redefine MS and autoimmunity naturally as a traditional naturopath and Certified LEAP Therapist. She has worked with hundreds of MS and other autoimmune sufferers in her nationwide clinic, using unique, personalized non-pharmaceutical therapies to empower them to reclaim their health.

In this conversation, Elizabeth and I dive into the connection between inflammation and autoimmunity, why most of us could benefit from reducing our inflammatory triggers, food sensitivities and the differences between IgG and MRT testing, Elizabeth’s natural approach to treating parasite infections, and more. I received a lot of feedback the first time Elizabeth was here, and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of value from this one. Enjoy the episode!

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