Save My Thyroid

Are Smoothies Toxic To Your Thyroid?

May 18, 2023 Dr. Eric Osansky, Sally K. Norton
Save My Thyroid
Are Smoothies Toxic To Your Thyroid?
Show Notes

“You have to customize what you eat according to your health and tolerance.”

I’m a big smoothie person, and so are many of my patients. But while green smoothies offer a lot of potential health benefits, there can also be downsides depending on what you include.

Today I’m sharing about one of the main concerns: oxalates. Sally K. Norton, the author of Toxic Superfoods, joins me to break down why you should be aware of the oxalate levels of your smoothie ingredients and the best approach to creating low-oxalate smoothies.

Even if you're not a smoothie person, I think you'll find this to be interesting, as you still might be eating some of these higher oxalate foods on a regular basis. Enjoy the episode!

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